Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What Can We Learn From Small Business?

Small businesses, those mom and pop, brick and mortar shops that we see all over the place can teach us quite a few things about business. Let's examine a few interesting things done by some recent local small businesses that I have observed in the Atlanta GA area.

The first on the list are businesses who take strong advantage of local authorities like yelp. These are such strong resources to take advantage. Every business, small or large, should take advantage of these sites. If you are providing value to your clients, which you should be, then you will not be afraid to have them post reviews about your business online. This is huge as a large quantity of individuals look for reviews of businesses before deciding on a purchase.

The next business, wildlife roundup, is an interesting small business who is taking advantage of the latest trends in technology to present themselves in a professional manner online. What makes this business interesting is that they focus on animal trapping, not something that you would usually associate with technology. Yet, there is an important message here. Even the smallest of businesses can easily get a free website by utilizing an online resource like WordPress or Wix. The best part is that most of these resources are extremely cheap (some are even free!).

Finally, I want to talk about all of the local businesses that I see who are utilizing online advertising. Whether this be over social media or otherwise, it is an important step that can really bring value to your business. Companies that are utilizing such a resource are really gaining an upper hand on their competition. This is again something that is no more expensive (many times cheaper) than taking out a placement in your local newspaper.

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