Thursday, October 27, 2016

Increasing Website ROI For Small Businesses

1: Evaluate Your CTAs

If you have a website, chances are  that you will have some sort of CTAs present for customers. It is essential that these are as optimized as possible in order to guarantee the most ROI for your investments. Having a CTA at the bottom of the page will do you no good. Many heat-map studies of user activity show that less than 10% of visitors reach the bottom of any given web page. As such, you should make sure that CTAs are front and center on every page that is there in order to drive conversion.

2: What Tools Are You Utilizing?

I have mentioned heat maps in the previous point. There are many heat map tools that will track your customers throughout their visits on your pages. These can then be used in order to evaluate how they are moving through a site. Another great tool to take advantage of is Google Analytics. You can have these set up in such a way so that you track CTAs and their interactions. This will give you a rough overview of how these are performing. Changes can then be made accordingly. Having the right tools in your arsenal is essential to success. You cannot devise any sort of plan until you know how your current model is behaving.

3: Perform Experiments

Have you ever heard of A/B testing? If you have not, then you should definitely consider doing more research into this. There are many different methodologies for testing strategies in order to see how your conversions are going. These are absolutely essential as they will provide extremely useful data for you to analyze. From this data you can find out valuable customer trends and implement the very best strategies on your site to maximize ROI. Researching the right experiments is the first step. Good Analytics, the tool mentioned in the previous post, provides some great methods for performing these sorts of tests.

These are just a few of the many strategies that you can employ today in order to drive conversions and maximize ROI for your small business.

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